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About Radio Triggering of PocketWizard System

Ab Sesay

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Many Sekonic meters feature radio triggering capability that is compatible with PocketWizard® radio triggering systems. The Sekonic L-758DR and C-500R meters offer built-in radio triggering. The Sekonic L-358, L-758D, and L-758Cine allow the meter user to install a radio transmitter accessory module.

To comply with local broadcast regulations, Sekonic wireless systems sold in the various markets around the world are designed to operate at different frequencies.

  • Sekonic meters having serial numbers starting with JC12 (L-358), JH12 (L-758DR), JH22 (L-758 Cine), and JS12 (C-500R) are designed for operation in the USA/North American market. Frequencies: CH 1 to 16: 344.0 MHz; CH 17 to 32: 346.5 to 354.0MHz
  • Sekonic meters having a CE designation on the serial number plate are designed for operation in European countries. Frequencies: CH 1 to 16: 433.62 MHz; CH 17 to 32: 434.22MHz

Note 1: These ControlTL (R) receivers/transceivers must be upgraded to the latest firmware to be able to receive the triggering signal from the RT-32CTL

Note 2: If triggering with the RT-32CE/FCC or RT-32N, these transmitters must be set to receive a Standard Trigger signal using the PocketWizard Utility Software. Please visit to learn more about PocketWizard ControlTL® radios as well as the differences between Standard and ControlTL® systems.

Compatibility of Sekonic Meters with Built-in PocketWizard® radio triggers.

Compatibility with Sekonic RT-32 Transmitter Modules.

There are four types of Sekonic series RT-32 Transmitter Modules accessory transmitter modules:

  • The RT-32FCC is compatible only with Sekonic meters designed to work in the USA/North American market.
  • The RT-32CE is compatible only with Sekonic meters designed to work with meters designated “CE.”
  • The RT-32N transmitter module is universal and can be used with either USA/North America market products or European products.
  • The RT-32CTL transmitter module is universal and can be used with either USA/North America market products or European products.

Both FCC and CE versions of radio-triggering-capable Sekonic meters have built-in transmitting antennas that are specifically tuned for their market area. When purchasing and/or installing a transmitter module or using the meter with a receiver, be sure that the meter and receiver are designed to be used in your location and use the same frequency.

PocketWizard ControlTL® radios will require a firmware update to work properly with Sekonic light meters with RT-32CTL in ControlTL mode. The following is a list of firmware updates needed for ControlTL compatibility with the RT-32CTL:

  • PowerST4 – firmware 5.100 or later*
  • PowerMC2 – firmware 2.200 or later*
  • FlexTT5® for Canon – firmware 6.100 or later
  • FlexTT5® for Nikon – firmware 3.100 or later

To upgrade the firmware of your Sekonic L-758DR/D/Cine to enable display of ControlTL channels when the RT-32CTL is installed, to the following steps:

  1. Download and load the Sekonic DTS V3.0 software and start the program.
  2. Turn OFF the meter and connect the meter to your computer with a Mini USB cable.
  3. Press POWER button on the meter to turn it ON.
  4. Click on the "UPDATE SETTINGS" tab at the top left of the DTS v3.0 starting screen.
  5. Click "Update Check."
  • A screen will appear indicating the current firmware version of your meter and the latest Version available.
  • If current version number is lower than the latest version, click the UPDATE button to update the firmware in the meter.
  • After the meter firmware has been updated, turn OFF the meter and unplug it from your computer.
  • The updated meter will now display ControlTL channels and zones as well as Standard channels and zones when the RT-32CTL is installed in the meter.
  • For further information about using the transmitter, check with the written materials that accompany it.

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