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Sekonic Release New Transmitter Module RT-BR for SPEEDMASTER L-858D



Sekonic Corporation, the leader in design and engineering of Professional Photographic Light Meters, and Bron Elektronik AG today announced their collaboration to offer wireless radio flash triggering of broncolor compatible flashes.

The Sekonic RT-BR Transmitter is a user-replaceable radio module that fits neatly next to the batteries in the SPEEDMASTER L-858D Light Meter. Upgrade your L-858D's firmware via Data Transfer Software, and you are ready to go. The Sekonic RT-GX Transmitter will be available in the market from November 2020.

“Together with broncolor, we are proud to announce the Sekonic RT-BR transmitter module for the Sekonic L-858D (International) and L-858D-U (USA) Light Meters. This collaboration brings a fully integrated light metering workflow to broncolor users, making it possible for them to measure effortlessly, control, and analyze the characteristics of flash like never before, " says Kenji Sawai, Director and General Manager of Sekonic. 

Sekonic's mission is to enable image makers to craft great light in every image, and the Sekonic RT-BR simplifies the process. It helps you quickly dial in your lighting recipe to get to your final image with exacting precision.  

Full Radio Compatibility

broncolor users will rejoice in being able to call upon all 99 Radio Studio Addresses (1-99), 40 Lamp Addresses (1-40, All) to remotely trigger their broncolor lights up to 30m (100ft) away. You can even wirelessly control the power of flash lights as well.

Next Level Flash Analysis

Now broncolor users can more easily measure the percentage of flash in their images to maintain the desired mix of ambient and flash. Measure flash duration as well to know how much stopping power your lights have to freeze the splash from their favorite product shot, or the pose of a ballerina.


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