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Sekonic Releases New C-7000 Firmware


Tokyo, Japan - October 31st, 2019 - Sekonic Corporation, Industrial Meter Division announced today new firmware plus a host of other features and functions for SPECTROMASTER C-7000, which will become available on November 7th, 2019

To meet and exceed the demands for a more versatile measuring tool, Sekonic’s commitment to provide the great value to its customers, has developed new firmware. This latest FREE firmware enhancement addresses the rapid demand for new lighting interpretations metrics and metering applications for industrial lighting. The new firmware provides expanded color interpretation (TM-30, TLCI/TLMF, SSI and CRI comparison), to enhance its precision color control for every light source. In addition, the firmware provides Continuous/Single measurement selection, SDK (API) in Visual Basic (for Windows only) for Remote control, MAC OS Ready Utility (10.13 to 10.15), Preset display (Toolbox menu) and MiniB USB cable included in the package. These software improvements significantly increase the C- 7000’s capabilities and versatility in all applications and expands its ability to accommodate more industrial lighting categories.


TM-30 metric (new TM-30-18), provides a color fidelity (Rf) that is identical with the (Rf) of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) of 224:2017, international standard. TM-30 is becoming a very popular replacement of Color Rendition Index (CRI) (R1-R15 including Ra) amongst lighting designers because it is very accurate in measuring the color fidelity (Rf) color accuracy and Gamut (Rg) color saturation. TM-30, includes several measures and graphics to evaluate the Fidelity and Gamut of a source, when compared to a reference light source (ex. tungsten). It provides 99 colors (sampled from over 100,000 measured objects) vs CRI's 8 (Ra value) colors.

TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) uses the latest color science and a mathematical model of a broadcast camera to calculate the color response that would result when using a video camera. Seeing the colors as they would be shown during a broadcast (on TV).

TLMF (Television Luminaire Matching Factor) is a companion metric to TLCI, which provides comparison with two different light sources, rather than to a perfect reference, and see if they will play well together.

SSI (Spectral Similarity Index), defined by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Science and Technology Council is the method to show how close a test spectrum is to a reference spectrum (CIE illuminant and actual light source). The number is similar to CRI – above 90 is good, below 60 may have problems.

CRI Comparison (Color Rendering Index) provides the side-by-side comparison of a memorized CRI value and a current measured value. This is helpful when it is necessary for two light sources to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.

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